All Seasons Taxidermy

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Alden Pelletier: I was lucky enough to shoot a real
trophy moose last fall.  Not only did Ron get my
trophy Bull back more quickly than I expected it, but
he made my bull come back to life.  Now I will be able to admire my animal for years to come while bringing back the fond memories of my first moose hunt.  His work is as life-like as it gets and I would recommend him to anyone for any animal.  I hope to be seeing Ron again this fall with a trophy Buck.
Joel Udy: I've known Ron for several years.  He is a       
hard worker and an honest man.  When I shot my first
turkey this past spring, Ron's work ethic was one of the reasons I took my turkey to him.  The other reason was his high-quality work.  I've been to his studio and he really knows his craft.  His mounts are very life-like,
and the custom habitats he builds have a very polished
touch.  My turkey fan turned out just as I hoped it
would - I have it proudly displayed in my home.  Ron
will definitely be getting my business the next time I
have a successful hunt!
Misty Sinclair: You did a deer plaque for me this past December and I wanted to let you know my husband really liked it.  Thanks for the great job!  Good luck with your website.
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